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I never really into sunny days; it's nice and all but I'm more of a rain kinda girl. But today is really beautiful. Weather aside though, let's talk about shampoos and podcasts. I know, very random, but they've been on my mind quite a lot. So, why not talk about it, right.

So, first thing first, shampoos. Le sigh. Why is it so hard to find the one? The last shampoo I talked about, Natur, I don't think it's working anymore. And after observing, I believe my hair don't really like the product. It's a shame though, I really liked it in the beginning. I felt like I finally have found the right one. Oh, well. My hair journey is a really long one. My sister has been researching some shampoos for me to try though. There is one she's strongly recommend. I think we shall see. Oh, talking about my sister, Natur shampoo works well with her. 

Now, let's talk about podcasts. There are two new podcasts on my list right now. One is Full coverage podcast and the other is Twenty thousand hertz podcast. Full coverage podcast is a podcast discussing about beauty. The hosts are Lindsey Kelk and Harriet Hadfield. What I know is that Lindsey is an author although I haven't read her books and I know Harriet (or Harry) from her YouTube channel. This is a new podcast, so far there are two episodes but I really like this podcast! It's not heavy but informative and quite funny too. The other podcast is a really good podcast too. It's a podcast about sound. I haven't heard all of the episodes (so far there are 12 episodes) but the two I've heard were about space and movie soundtrack were so good! I would describe the podcast as a high quality produced and sophisticated podcast. But, it is also informative and interesting too! Oh my god, you guys, the music they featured on the episodes I've heard were a very nice addition. Point is, I really like this podcast. It's nothing like I've seen or heard before. 

These days I've been into podcasts and books rather than YouTube videos. That's really my cycle for entertainment. What have you guys been up to? Also, have a great day!

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