Letting go

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This is already March 22. I know I haven't been around much and it seems like only one post per month, goodness. Well, today at 4 p.m.-ish, I'll be 23 and I honestly don't feel as excited as I used to. Still, I'm grateful for the all lovely wishes people gave. It's really nice of them. The reason why I don't feel excited is because I'm scared. Little trivia about me is that I really love number 22; because I was born on the 22nd, obvs, I'm simple-minded like that. And, I didn't particularly have a good year when I was 22. It was no doubt the most unproductive and meh year for me. Believe me when I said that the only exciting things I got to do were doing internship and driving. I definitely do not take anything for granted. I am really grateful. It is just in the span of one year, I know I could do more things I'm interested in.

It was upsetting because of how much I anticipated it. I also thought that I might be able to pick up more life skills and get my life together. Not gonna lie, I was so spoiled and I might still am and I depended on my parents (especially my Dad) a lot. When I lost my Dad, I don't know how to live. Grief is a really strong emotion and it lasts so long to me So, when I failed at things this year, it made me rolled into a ball and cried.

I learned few things though. Friendship is harder now. People move forward. The world doesn't revolve around anyone. Time definitely doesn't wait for anyone. Also, can we talk about time? Lately I thought about it a lot. Like, do I need more time? Do I waste too much time? But then if I thought like that, it's probably I waste too much time, right.

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