Not feeling that well

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Hey you guys, hope you are all doing well. I wasn't feeling well because, uh period pain. But now I'm feeling better and not just my stomach, but also my eyes! Few days back when I went to my Uni to attend my friend's dissertation exam, few of my friends and my sister pointed out that my eyes were red. They all told me to use eye drops but hell if it wasn't scary. From when I was a kid, eye drops was just terrifying. Don't you think? Sadly, after one day I didn't think it was getting better and I had to use eye drops. I'm so glad to say that it wasn't as terrifying as when I was a kid and that my eyes are fine now!Also, that day I took my sister to a restaurant to meet her friends. After that, I went home. The journey to home was so long but my phone was on my bag and it was in the back seat. I secretly cursed myself. It was so boring on the road! Final solution though, I turned the radio on. And by the way, on the road I always listen to music. I never listen to podcasts anymore. I tried to but it just didn't work. It was like I have to concentrate to understand the podcasts (and English isn't my first language) while concentrating on driving. I just can't. What about you guys?

In the few months I feel like I'm a bitter person and so sensitive if someone's getting on my nerves I will be so snarky. So it is a pleasant surprise to learn that I'm happy for my friends' achievements. I guess when I don't enjoy my life, I tend to be a bitter person. It is so nice to finally be able to enjoy my life again.

These days I like to listen to music from two musician, Yiruma and Ehrling. The first one was a rediscovery. I've always loved his works. I love Maybe the most but River flows in you and Kiss the rain are so close behind it. Try listening to these videos: River flows in you and Kiss the rain. The latter was a new discovery. I knew his works through Tamara's videos and then I checked out his Soundcloud and Spotify. My favourites are Sommar, Champagne ocean, Chasing palm trees and Tease. Apart from music, I also enjoy The College Prepster videos. How on earth I just discovered her now? I have no idea. She's likeable and inspiring. I also read her blog and I loved it so far.

Now, I know that I have goals this year, quite many to be honest. But I just want to make challenges for myself this year. I think it would be fun to do 17 challenges on 2017, but then I realized it is too much for me. Also, can I just say that choosing and setting up challenges is so hard? I mean! I really want my challenges to be fun, healing, entertaining but also productive in a way. I mean, so far I just have very few. But who knows? I'll brainstorm some more.

So, that's it guys! Hope you are all doing well. I really wanted to write this post on the actual day but the pms stomach-ache situation really wasn't fun to write anything at all!

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