Tomorrow's February!

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Omg guys! Tomorrow's February! Can't believe that January is (almost) over. I am really excited for February solely for the reason that my January is meh. Writing this post while drinking carrot juice (uh huh great going, ha! I thought my mom made apple juice or at least apple plus carrot, but anyway), I kind of look back how my January went. Well, it went really meh, because nothing really happened. 

This year I decided I want to journal a bit. Hmm, actually I just want myself to write one sentence or more per day of what happened that day and guess what; I only wrote up until 12 January. The habit tracker in January also had many holes. Sigh. Why, Nadia, why? But on the brighter side, this January my family and I visited some of our families and I couldn't be more happier than that. What else did I do? Oh yeah, I bought two novels on impulse and haven't picked up to read them. Cough clearly have to be read after the Thesis is finished. Then, I spent too much time on YouTube. I also got to meet up with my two besties although just once this month. And I also changed some my 2017 goals after watching Marie's video.

Well at least, I can try again on February (I've made my February habit tracker, ha). Also, on February I had some things to do and work on; some are big, some are really small. The priority though, I have to get a haircut. I need it. It's just finding new salon is not my favourite thing to do. My thesis is still pretty rough and bumpy. In addition to that, I also want to build my portfolio of some kind and write at least one short story. I really miss writing fiction but nowadays, whenever I want to write either on my phone or laptop, my mind has just gone blank. 

Okay that's it for now. Will find some time to translate this piece and now I have to finish my juice and get ready to go to my university. Bye! x

ps. Have you ever think of plans after graduating with a friend? Oh God. Why did I ever think it's a good idea? Because of that I spent my night having stomach-ache. Will not do that again in this sensitive time.

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