2016 resolutions reviewed!


Hey you guys. I know it's still 8 more days to 2017 but I am just itchy to review my year from the resolutions I made almost a year ago! If you ever stumbled to my blog, maybe you've read this post where I wrote my resolutions for this year. So, here goes my review:

become a more religious person // I, of course not one to know this, but I hope!
decorate our home // rather than decorate I did a lot of tidying up our home. We also did our wardrobe clean out and have clothes donations ready; we just haven't got the time to do it yet. Hopefully soon!
drive my family // I did this (if I say so myself ;)!
spend a lot of family time (with big family as well!) // What I can say for certain is that we visited our big family more than last year :)
get active (dance, yoga and run) // I did . . . for the first half of the year. I know! So bad!
have a dream wardrobe of mine // I like to think I'm halfway there. I love everything in my wardrobe!
get my self a nice book shelf // Sadly, no. I went to a lot furniture shops and I didn't see the one, if you will.
to do well in the internship // I think if score is one kind of indication, then yeah. But, more importantly, I learned a lot!
finish my thesis // Sadly, I haven't. I'm still writing it. I'd say I'm in the middle of the process. I really want to write about my thesis experience but I think I will wait after the exam (oh the horror . . .)
graduate this year (Amen) // *cough* *cough*
get a part time or full time job that I love // *cough* *cough*
get a scholarship for my graduate study // *cough* *cough*
learn a new language // I learned two languages but just for the first half of the year. I learned French and Russian by the way!
learn to operate Photoshop once again // I . . . didn't. Heehee
do a charity work or volunteer // Unfortunately, no :(
cook more (my mom and I made macaroni casserole yesterday) // I cooked a lot more this year for my family! I couldn't be happier!

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