Let’s walk down into memory lane, shall we? This time around, I want to list my absolute favourite cartoons that I used to watch when I was a kid and or teen. Just so you know, I watched a lot and I watched since like I was in kindergarten—oh, good times. You’re ready? Let’s get started!
Nostalgia, yuk? Hari ini, aku mau nge-list kartun favoritku waktu aku kecil. Dulu ya, aku nonton banyak banget kartun (astaga!) dan aku inget aku nonton dari zaman aku masih TK—wow, wow. Siap? Ayo mulai!

All Grown Up!
Hey Arnold!
Kim Possible
Totally Spies!
Mona the Vampire
As Told by Ginger
Baby Looney Tunes
The Wild Thornberrys
Rainbow Fish

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