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Lately I’ve been channels hunting on YouTube. It hasn’t been long since I’ve subscribed to the channels below and I’m already hooked! Quick, check them out and subscribe to them if you like it!
Akhir-akhir ini aku suka cari-cari channel di YouTube buat aku tonton—mungkin karena aku udah bosen sama beberapa channels hehe. Belum lama ini aku subscribed ke beberapa channel di bawah ini dan ya ampun, aku suka banget content mereka. Coba deh kalian cek dan subscribe ke mereka kalau kalian suka!

I discovered this channel in the recommendation videos corner. It was a video in which she did a makeover to her room. I watched it and ended up liking it so I subscribed to her. I also like how she talks about books!
Aku pertama kali tau channel ini karena lihat di rekomendasi video. Yang aku liat pertama kali waktu itu videonya waku dia makeover kamarnya. Aku suka videonya habis lihat jadinya aku subscribed deh. Aku juga suka soalnya dia bahas buku di channelnya.

I’m not sure on how I discover this channel but I’m glad I did! It’s a fairly new channel I’d say but the content and quality are great! Jennie’s styling videos are my favourites. I think her and Chriselle’s styling videos are my most favourite out of my YouTube subscriptions.
Aku lupa gimana pertama kali nemu channel ini, tapi aku seneng banget setelah tau. Channel ini masih lumayan baru menurutku. Tapi konten dan kuliatas videonya udah oke banget lho! Yang paling aku suka dari video-video Jennie mungkin styling video-nya. Dari subscriptions feed-ku, styling video-nya Jennie dan Chriselle itu favoritku!

I believe I discovered this channel through searching videos about room décor. I love their OMG and Office Goals series on their channel!
Aku pertama kali liat channel ini karena lagi nyari video tentang mendekor kamar. Aku suka banget dua series mereka: OMG sama Office Goals.

I really like Yara’s channel. I like it even more because she put English CC on her videos. I’ve been binge watching her videos and I have lots of favourites. But I’d have to say that her blog and career related videos are the ones I love most.
Aku suka banget sama channel ini. Yang bikin aku lebih suka lagi karena Yara ngasih CC Bahasa Inggris di videonya. Aku udah nonton banyak video dari dia dan banyak banget favoritku. Tapi video-videonya yang berhubungan sama blog dan karir itu yang paling aku suka.

Hope you guys enjoyed today's post!
Semoga kalian suka ya sama post kali ini!

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