When I’m using my phone


When I’m on my phone, I usually do the same thing over and over. I obviously wouldn’t call myself “an application enthusiast”—I’m not big on using many application, I was though (guilty!). However due to the phone memory (this thing or maybe I overdid it), I learned to delete (many) applications I didn’t need and use. Anyways, here are the things I do on my phone:

35% YouTube / watching video Because at the moment, video is the thing for me. I love visualisation.
25% Instagram I love using Instagram mainly because I enjoy what I’m seeing from the lovely people I’m following! 
13% Reading books With the increase use of watching video on my phone, it’s definitely decreasing in the reading department. One thing for sure though, if I’m bored with watching video, I will read things.  
10% Reading articles and blogs Not so many percentage, you see. That’s because I don’t follow many blogs and websites out there. I just follow what I really like! Just like my YouTube subscription and Instagram following.
7% Chatting I chat—just not much!
5% Writing One of the reasons I bought my phone was to write. So gutted that it turned out like this! Have to motivate myself to write! 
5% Bits and bobs stuff This includes using tool kit app, dictionary, water drinking app, period app and etc! I don’t use them much but they are really handy to have and so helpful.

How about you?

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