Studyblr and bullet journaling

First time I knew about bullet journaling was through Tumblr (was searching for studyblr!) and then YouTube. I follow quite many studyblr account on Tumblr and completely fall in love with them -

Then, I try to make bullet journal in my journal although I make some tweaking. There are many inspirations on Tumblr about pages ideas you can make. The two I love most and use until now are habit tracker page and food journal. You have no idea how useful they are to me ^-^ 

Habit tracker
Now, in my to-do list per day, I was so bored to always write the same routine I do or want to try like workout, read, clean, laundry, etc. I then saw this habit tracker page and I think it is a really good idea. Not only you can write the routine you want to improve in one page, you can also see how good you are in keeping the routine in one page. All in all, this page really motivates me to do my routine. In here, I also put the food/health category like instant noodles and vegetables. That’s because I want to track how much I eat instant noodles and vegetables.

Food journal 
Nowadays, after the to-do list of that day, I write food journal containing what food and drink I have that day. It’s really useful to write this because I can track what I eat. Since I have this certain illness, I cannot have some food and drinks. But, as you guys know, when you are not allowed to do (or in this case, eat) something, sometimes you just want to do that. That is why I put instant noodles in the habit tracker page, because I honestly cannot have that. This is also great to track your water intake. I saw some people track their water intake in their journal too.

Also, here are my favourite studyblr (but not necessarily bullet journal) accounts:
Arkiblr; previously Mestudyblr

Ps though, have you seen this episode of Try Living with Lucie about journaling? After watching it, I thought I want to try dream journaling but I always cannot bring myself to write it *O*

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