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Some time ago, I read my friends' blogs. They are friends I know for quite a long time although we are not necessarily in touch. After reading their blogs, I have two major thoughts that are quite heavy in my mind.

First thing is about my English skill. My friends both write posts in English. To say that their English is above decent is understatement. I read their blogs and I am amazed at them. However I cannot lie that what I did after reading was that I started comparing myself to them. 

I realized that my English doesn't improve very much since I was in junior or senior high school. At least, I don't think. I feel like I have been stagnant about it. No improvement at all. And if I'm being honest about it, I am ashamed. See, I write this blog in English is to improve my skill. That goes with how I read English novels and blogs, watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts. 

I get that the skills are divided into active and passive or receptive and productive, but I just can't get over how upsetting my productive skill, in this case, writing skill. Also God knows how my speaking skill is now. I believe it is all down to the fact of practising. Nowadays I can't seem to find time to practise. I know, my own fault. So who do I blame if it became like this right? Myself right. 

The second thing is about writing style and writer's voice. In their posts, I really feel their voice and their writing style. The blogs I have shared before also have writing style and voice that belongs to them, I feel. And then when I look my writing, it doesn't seem like that. I don't know. It's frustrating.

I'm sorry if this post might be way too negative. But writing has always been my escape when I feel upset. So here is my way of expressing how I feel and then hopefully I can move forward.

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