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These days, I have not many things to do. How often do you hear that? Well if you know me, you will hear that in fairly amount these days! Even though I'm in fourth year that's (supposedly) quite busy with writing thesis, I seem to find myself to be bored a lot of time. That's because I do not have any activities outside. Shaking my head, I know.

When I was a kid, I really like to read, until today I still like to read very much. So when I do have time, I read. Although I do not necessarily read books this time around. These days I opt for blogs for quick read. I don't follow to many blogs but I do have some favourites that I check often (usually at night). This week I also discovered some new favourites! Here they are:

I encountered this blog after I watched a vlog by Tiny Twisst. She went with her friend to a Benefit event and link her friend's website. Of course I checked and then stumbled upon her other blog and I instantly fell in love with her content and writing!

This is an old favourite of mine since back then. Till now it's still my favourite. Other than beauty, Anna shares about her lifestyle, recipes, fitness journey and more! Her writing really speaks to me. Also, when she reviews beauty products, they are delivered in such a way that I feel like I just have a conversation with my friend! 

This is another favourite of mine from back then. The posts written in this blog are so light, easy to understand but also meaningful! I love how this blog covers quite a lot of things!

Again, another favourite of mine since back then. Although there are not many new posts, I really really like this blog. Again, like the others, I love the writing style and content of this blog!

This blog is quite new discovery. I know Caroline from Cup of Jo. I really like her writing there. I was quite sad when I read this post. Then I found her blog. Her writing in her own blog are quite deep for me. I like the way she writes things and the topics she covers. Overall, I am really glad when I found her blog!

These blogs are written by Breanna Rose. Both are new discovery too. I first discovered the former. I was quite shocked (I know I am being a drama queen) when I read the last post in which she moved. Then I discovered the latter blog. Oh my, both blogs are beautiful! The writing and the content I love too. It was not long since I read both blogs but I can say that I enjoy it very much. I also like how Breanna wrote her process or experience in working with client in the Rowan Made blog. 

Also special mention to A minute away from snowing, the blog is so beautiful and so is the content. Albeit this blog not being active anymore, sometimes I still find myself reading this blog. My favourite posts include this and this. The way she worded the words are very beautiful. Don't you agree?  

That's it for today. I hope you have a good day!

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  1. Wow, I'll be checking out all of them soon! Thanks for the recommendation<3


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