Thesis motivation


Recently I just changed my About page. There, I said that I’m currently doing my thesis. And to be very honest with you guys, it’s just difficult. First of all, I have to “be done” already with my internship stuff. Tomorrow (Monday) my classmates and I will an exam about it—they say that it may be a kind of reflection test. I hope that is the case though. I’ve done my reports and the translation and interpretation products. Few days ago, I just did final checking and I guess I’m done. After exam though, we’ll go to our internship place. I hope it’ll go well.

Okay, now back to the thesis. I realized I’m taking my sweet time to revise it. Part of it is because I have another thing to do (internship stuff) and the other well, is because my motivation. I do want to graduate on time (4 years and stuff) however, it won’t be happening. So I just change my graduation goals, guys. Yeah, somehow my motivation is lost in the mountain. I’m in the process of picking it up though.

A tip that I can share with you is that choose the theme you like for your thesis. Even though, I did and let’s just say I have to change my theme. It was very hard because I really have the vision for it and I already had it planned in my head (and my laptop). I was devastated. Although I like the theme I’m going for now, you know I’m still upset.

However, I do realize I have a goal. So I’m going to be really hard working. Now, there aren’t much time left to prepare all that jazz. If you are a student of Education Department, you’ll know why (ex: you have to match the activities to the school calendar). 

These days I really have to pick up my motivation and move forward!


  1. semangat nadia! push yourself to the limit~

  2. Semangaaat! Sedikit demi sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit. Dicicil yaaa!!


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