My Week

Jan 4th – Jan 10th

I can’t believe it’s 2016. I have quite a big goal this year—not sure how I achieve it all but I’ll work for it. 

Me driving
Some people saying my skill is better even though I’m not exactly sure. I think I make progress but it’s not what I’ve been expecting.  

Last Thursday I had my Statistics final test, thus I went to the campus (finally). I searched one specific announcement and found it! My thesis proposal is accepted! You have no idea how glad I was when I found out :-)

Jan goals
Other than my goals for this year, I thought I’d make a monthly goals. This January, I hope I’m driving even better and understand the car better, have my proposal revised, done the décor of my room, and done with the Translation and Interpretation tasks.

Until Friday Night
I finished the book and I quite like it.

Try series
I’m obsessed with this series! My favourites are the zero trash, waking up early and the $50 spending budget. This is the play list if you want to check it:

ps: have you ever felt you are really done with something? That you don't bother with it again? I feel so conflicted right now :-(

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