Adieu, 2015

What a year. 2015 was a lot of big deals I guess. Here's the highlight of what I did in 2015:

I . . .

did KKN 
did my teaching practicum
submitted my thesis proposal


I honestly couldn't believe I could survive those three things. All of it was university relatedI hope in 2016 I can do more various things other than uni related.

Special shout out to all of my big families and my best friends. I was so touched by all of your kindness. Thank you still for being supportive to our family. After our Dad passed away, you help us up till now. I hope I can repay all of your kindness. Thank you ❤. Also, thanks for all of the support given to me during the time I wrote my thesis proposal. If it wasn't for you guys, I would've been still writing it all night! 

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