My Week

Dec 7th – Dec 13th

This week quite frankly is where I have roller coaster emotional thing. Part of it I know that’s caused by that time of the month!

Driving course
This week I had my final course. I think I’ve got the hang of it and I feel quite confident. I really have to work on my concentration though (note to self!). I’m really excited to be driving (hopefully soon)! Wish me luck!

I thought I’ll fill in the opportunities thing I’ve talked before. So, in the end, I didn’t take both opportunities. I’m kinda relieved though I passed on one opportunity because of things I’ve heard. And then, the second opportunity—I think I’m not feeling ready. You know, with the thesis (God, help me) going on and everything—and internship (next year! I have to really prepare this), I don’t think I can commit to it yet.

Wedding—always dream of having one in my own way and I can’t believe it that three people close to me having their weddings in this week and a couple months! We’re not the same age but anyway I feel so much older now. I can’t believe it. But it got me into into Pinterest to plan my own!

I started this book on Saturday. I am about halfway now. If you’ve been reading this book, you’ll know about West. His situation . . . I remember when I was in his position . . .

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