My Week

Nov 30th – Dec 6th 

This week by far is the most interesting one I’ve had for quite a long time (because usually I’d be wrapped in my blanket and enjoy the rain!).

Driving course
I had my second time learning how to drive again after two years! Part of me felt nervous and another part of me felt excited. This time around was no joke though. I had to grasp it well and be able to drive well.

Ohmygod. Why couldn’t I write more this week? This thesis has been on my mind for the longest time and I feel nervous and overwhelming every time I think or do it.

I was offered two opportunities this week. I can see myself living with the experience and knowledge I’ll get from both opportunities. Problem is I know that I can’t commit to things yet. I’ve been weighing the pros and the cons. Shall I pass on them? Shall I start with smaller opportunities?  

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