Sunday chat

First Sunday chat! Yay! I'm so excited about this post (hopefully becomes a series!). Let's hope that I am productive and diligent enough to continue this kind of post! :)

>> This week

001. Lunch date with Mom. I'm so happy to have her back after she came from Mecca. Last Saturday, we went to our relatives from Dad and then we had lunch together.

002. Shopping with my family. It's been a while, really. I'm so grateful that we spend our time together outdoor :)

003. My thesis. Still unsure about many parts. *whisper: you can do it!*

>> Notes and thoughts

001. I don't understand why some people were selfish when they were in the bus. *myself inside: why did you sit on two seats omg.*

002. I always thought that friends sort of come and go. But when things got rough this week, I realized that this time is not the case. I really treasure you guys, K and C. *shout out to you guys; love you!*

003. Note to self: when things got rough, especially uni things, Nadia, you better don't expect anything from people you know can't be trusted.

004. I kind of question myself; why am I like that whenever I'm in PMS cycle thing.

Hope you had a wonderful week!

x Nadia

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  1. Awesome post dear! Have a nice day:)



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