Things I did when I decluttered my room

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So, for the past two months I didn’t feel like I was in home. Because for the first month I was away to do the social service or we call it KKN in bahasa Indonesia. It was tough but I’d say it was worth it. The second month I wasn’t away from home but I was doing a teaching practicum so I couldn’t spend much time in my home. And then after writing the report for the teaching practicum, I looked at my room and thought “Goodness how can I ever sleep in here” because let me tell you, paper are everywhere and many things aren’t in their places. And today finally I had the time and I cleaned my room. Yay!

But… you know what? When I cleaned my room I just cannot just clean my room. I did many things else that made the cleaning process a bit far too long like:

  1. I sat in the corner of the bed and thought “why do I have so many things I actually don’t need” after laying out all of my belongings.
  2. And then I was sort of confused as “what can I do with all of this”.
  3. I planned to arrange my self-help books, magazines, comics and novels…. but ended up reading them.
  4. I realized that I still love my children books.
  5. I also just realized until my sister pointed it to me that she hasn’t even read my books that I personally want to give/sell to others.
  6. I was daydreaming about buying new shelves for the books.
  7. Then I did arranged all the books.
  8. I then did the laundry because I was confused to arrange the other things.
  9. I ate and read (again!).
  10. I arranged the things I could manage and then I still have things to be taken care of (…that now sitting under my bed).

And writing this I am thinking why can’t I focus or finish the things without getting distracted.

xx (tired) Nadia


  1. I was just having a read of your blog and came across this post and loved it! Keep it up :)


    1. Thank you so much for reading, Fatiha! Hope you enjoy the other posts too! Have a good day ;)


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