This is nice

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I never really into sunny days; it's nice and all but I'm more of a rain kinda girl. But today is really beautiful. Weather aside though, let's talk about shampoos and podcasts. I know, very random, but they've been on my mind quite a lot. So, why not talk about it, right.

So, first thing first, shampoos. Le sigh. Why is it so hard to find the one? The last shampoo I talked about, Natur, I don't think it's working anymore. And after observing, I believe my hair don't really like the product. It's a shame though, I really liked it in the beginning. I felt like I finally have found the right one. Oh, well. My hair journey is a really long one. My sister has been researching some shampoos for me to try though. There is one she's strongly recommend. I think we shall see. Oh, talking about my sister, Natur shampoo works well with her. 

Now, let's talk about podcasts. There are two new podcasts on my list right now. One is Full coverage podcast and the other is Twenty thousand hertz podcast. Full coverage podcast is a podcast discussing about beauty. The hosts are Lindsey Kelk and Harriet Hadfield. What I know is that Lindsey is an author although I haven't read her books and I know Harriet (or Harry) from her YouTube channel. This is a new podcast, so far there are two episodes but I really like this podcast! It's not heavy but informative and quite funny too. The other podcast is a really good podcast too. It's a podcast about sound. I haven't heard all of the episodes (so far there are 12 episodes) but the two I've heard were about space and movie soundtrack were so good! I would describe the podcast as a high quality produced and sophisticated podcast. But, it is also informative and interesting too! Oh my god, you guys, the music they featured on the episodes I've heard were a very nice addition. Point is, I really like this podcast. It's nothing like I've seen or heard before. 

These days I've been into podcasts and books rather than YouTube videos. That's really my cycle for entertainment. What have you guys been up to? Also, have a great day!


Baby steps

I had a nightmare last night. But, don't worry, today's post isn't about it! Ha! Following yesterday's quite sad post (anyway, yesterday I unexpectedly had a lovely birthday!), I want to share some blog posts from my fav bloggers. Their posts really help me in my current state. Sometimes I tend to not read this kind of posts because I want to save it for the "occasion", sometimes I read it and then come back for it. It depends. But here are the posts:


Letting go

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This is already March 22. I know I haven't been around much and it seems like only one post per month, goodness. Well, today at 4 p.m.-ish, I'll be 23 and I honestly don't feel as excited as I used to. Still, I'm grateful for the all lovely wishes people gave. It's really nice of them. The reason why I don't feel excited is because I'm scared. Little trivia about me is that I really love number 22; because I was born on the 22nd, obvs, I'm simple-minded like that. And, I didn't particularly have a good year when I was 22. It was no doubt the most unproductive and meh year for me. Believe me when I said that the only exciting things I got to do were doing internship and driving. I definitely do not take anything for granted. I am really grateful. It is just in the span of one year, I know I could do more things I'm interested in.

It was upsetting because of how much I anticipated it. I also thought that I might be able to pick up more life skills and get my life together. Not gonna lie, I was so spoiled and I might still am and I depended on my parents (especially my Dad) a lot. When I lost my Dad, I don't know how to live. Grief is a really strong emotion and it lasts so long to me So, when I failed at things this year, it made me rolled into a ball and cried.

I learned few things though. Friendship is harder now. People move forward. The world doesn't revolve around anyone. Time definitely doesn't wait for anyone. Also, can we talk about time? Lately I thought about it a lot. Like, do I need more time? Do I waste too much time? But then if I thought like that, it's probably I waste too much time, right.


Not feeling that well

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Hey you guys, hope you are all doing well. I wasn't feeling well because, uh period pain. But now I'm feeling better and not just my stomach, but also my eyes! Few days back when I went to my Uni to attend my friend's dissertation exam, few of my friends and my sister pointed out that my eyes were red. They all told me to use eye drops but hell if it wasn't scary. From when I was a kid, eye drops was just terrifying. Don't you think? Sadly, after one day I didn't think it was getting better and I had to use eye drops. I'm so glad to say that it wasn't as terrifying as when I was a kid and that my eyes are fine now!Also, that day I took my sister to a restaurant to meet her friends. After that, I went home. The journey to home was so long but my phone was on my bag and it was in the back seat. I secretly cursed myself. It was so boring on the road! Final solution though, I turned the radio on. And by the way, on the road I always listen to music. I never listen to podcasts anymore. I tried to but it just didn't work. It was like I have to concentrate to understand the podcasts (and English isn't my first language) while concentrating on driving. I just can't. What about you guys?

In the few months I feel like I'm a bitter person and so sensitive if someone's getting on my nerves I will be so snarky. So it is a pleasant surprise to learn that I'm happy for my friends' achievements. I guess when I don't enjoy my life, I tend to be a bitter person. It is so nice to finally be able to enjoy my life again.

These days I like to listen to music from two musician, Yiruma and Ehrling. The first one was a rediscovery. I've always loved his works. I love Maybe the most but River flows in you and Kiss the rain are so close behind it. Try listening to these videos: River flows in you and Kiss the rain. The latter was a new discovery. I knew his works through Tamara's videos and then I checked out his Soundcloud and Spotify. My favourites are Sommar, Champagne ocean, Chasing palm trees and Tease. Apart from music, I also enjoy The College Prepster videos. How on earth I just discovered her now? I have no idea. She's likeable and inspiring. I also read her blog and I loved it so far.

Now, I know that I have goals this year, quite many to be honest. But I just want to make challenges for myself this year. I think it would be fun to do 17 challenges on 2017, but then I realized it is too much for me. Also, can I just say that choosing and setting up challenges is so hard? I mean! I really want my challenges to be fun, healing, entertaining but also productive in a way. I mean, so far I just have very few. But who knows? I'll brainstorm some more.

So, that's it guys! Hope you are all doing well. I really wanted to write this post on the actual day but the pms stomach-ache situation really wasn't fun to write anything at all!


These days, guys

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These days, I feel like I'm in a roller coaster, especially my sleep cycle. Also, to tell you the truth, in the last post when I said I went to the Uni after writing the post, well yeah, something happened there that I won't tell in here just in case some people reading, ha. Soz. It was downright embarrassing and absurd. Anyway, moving on. In this post I want to write about some things happen these days that I quite comfortable to share; uh well I just want to write something, so here we go.

Podcasts, duh. There are so many out there and there are so many recommendation. I remember I wrote podcasts that are recommended by people and I subscribed to them. Now, I won't lie that I didn't feel overwhelmed by the number. So, back then I decided to listen to the mystery ones first. Then, I knew I made a mistake. Turns out, I don't like mystery/crime/etc in a podcast form solely by the reason that it frightens me much more than TV series or movies. My theory is that, in a podcast form I begin imagining much more and asking what ifs. Since the input is an audio, my mind begin wondering, to put it simply, it's like when I read books. It's different case with visual, my mind doesn't get to imagine quite as much and I'm happy with that. 

After eliminating all crime podcasts, I still had many podcasts to get through. Then, I braced myself to unsubscribe to those I know I won't ever listen. After that I promised myself to go through one episode per podcast to see if I like it, if I will give another episode a go or to just unsubscribe. So far, it works for me! I just have to be more confident and trust what my gut tells me. Oh and by the way I know what podcast I'm into: ones that talk about everyday life and funny ones on top of that; just like conversation you're having with your friends.

Sleep cycle
My sleep cycle has been weird for about a week. I will sleep like at 8 p.m. and then wake up at 1 or 2 a.m. and then I cannot sleep. That's it. It's really weird. I know I should force myself a bit to sleep at 9 or 10 p.m. and see if I'll wake up at decent hour (4 or 5 a.m.) but I just can't. I get so sleepy (shaking my head). 

That's it guys! I've began really enjoying writing bits of my life again here although it's short. Hopefully short and sweet! x
Maira Gall